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London's Leading VR & AR Specialists


We pioneer immersive campaigns and brand experiences for growth

At GXI360° we use innovative VR / AR immersive techniques to build Virtual Tours, Training programmes and Branded AR Campaigns.

Our unique experiences create unmatched results. That excite customers and drive team development, tourism and sales.


We trust in our creative expertise and lean into our ability to find "true" solutions
that serve consumers and clients both.  We pay respect and keep in mind traditional methods
of communication. Our consumer-centric approach focuses on highlighting the core value within stories with our unique blend of innovative creativity.


We've done our 10,000 hours and surplus, to have intimate knowledge of immersive channels and the methods in which consumers are spending their time engaging with VR & AR. Traditional methods of communication focused on reach and efficiency, we present creative direction that focuses on retention, results and relevance.


Our strategy is to listen inventively. We avoid generic messaging and use what we have heard 
to create specific deeper experiences.


We welcome our brains to be picked, as pioneers of immersive development, we are passionate to help. You will work alongside the very best creators, strategist and UI / UX specialist that give you actionable ideas for building sustainable relevance for your brand.


"At the heart of what we do is curiosity... curiosity to meticulously translate feelings and create deeper connections. A curiosity that is not afraid to jump, dream and create by placing human beings first."
A word from our founder -  Perrell Shaw 

We specialise in building immersive experiences, dedicated 100% to VR & AR development we are relentlessly focused on driving business results for brands. At GXI360 we have a simple idea - equip business with the tools to retain consumer engagement. We understand that immersive practices are not easily understood as immersive technology consultants we provide on hand guidance and education to the most effective ways to drive relevance and growth, by speaking specifically to people, based on who they are through listening.

Case Studies

Interactivity for results is essential. We help people adapt to the use of Virtual and augmented reality technology,  to push the boundaries of immersive content. To keep you breaking boundaries we continually dedicate our time to research and development. Presenting you with the highest quality and best practices of 3D 360 production, stabilisation, ambisonic audio capture, AR coding, tracking and implementation.

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