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Slice through the noise and kick start your next immersive project

"We take pride in helping the underdog slice through the noise to stand out amongst heavy media spend. Our AR ads help increase Average Order Values and boost click through rates at the fraction of traditional advertising spend. Our tried and true campaigns have a longer shelf life, meaning you don't need to fork out the impossible only to create hit and miss marketing. 

With GXI360 immersive development you will now have the tools to create what, where and when you want. Turning any surface into your competitive advantage. Welcoming the masses into your world to be a part of your brand".

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How we Work


We kick start your immersive journey with a chat, this gives us a chance to listen and gather as much information as we can to provide you the best results. We know that AR & VR is fairly new, so we welcome questions.


As specialists our role at this point is to be open and honest about your ideas and provide you the right suggestions. It's here you'll get a good sense if we can create a great partnership together. As much as you'd like to know if we are the right choice for you, we want to know your the right fit for us too.

Planning and Prototyping

Now we've listened, we'll provide you a detailed project scope with our agreed outline of deliverables and project costs. Moving together clearly on the same page we can easily update, manage and adjust your project to your needs. Our creative magic begins and we start building your immersive product. Our AR & VR services follow the same process, making it easy for you to create the right campaign tailored specific to your needs and audience.

Review & Deliver

Our typical project cycle is between 3-5 weeks. By now you would have started to see your immersive campaign, Ad or experience come together. You would have received several revisions, keeping your project on track to deliver on time. We test and test again to make amendments and resolve any issues quickly. Once your delivery is ready, it doesn't  have to end there, we'll hang around to be on hand, helping you understand your analytics, reports and metrics so you can see the results. 

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