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Closing deals over zoom

#zoommeetings #zoom #dealclosing

The sudden shift to working remotely, has seen many of us spending a lot more time on zoom. Now much of a necessity, we have all had to become accustom to virtual interaction more frequently. It may feel unnatural, and most likely took a few weeks to adjust to. Now we're in a position that it's neither a phone call, or the most preferred face to face meeting.

This doesn't mean the usual dealings of business need to stop. I have tried and tested on a few occasions different strategies for closing deals via zoom. Some of which didn't go to well, and others brilliantly. From this experience I've listed a points to try incorporating:

1. Body Language

Just as impactful as face -to- face interactions, the positives zoom provides are that luckily we still have to ability to utilise body language.

A good start would to Nod more often or not. It goes without saying, that nodding is the body language of encouragement, which allows of open and more engaging communication from others