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Designing immersive AR filters for everyone

#arfilters #augmentedreality #futuredesign #sparkar

If your new to Spark AR we wanted to share some insight into practical tips, to help other creators at any level to grasp a better understanding of AR experiences.

Augmented Reality is a fairly new medium, which invites creators to push boundaries further than ever been seen. AR continues to grow at exponential speed, we are looking at ways to elevate the AR community. Focusing on ways to design AR experiences to help them become more accessible to a wider range of people, overall making people feel better.

Within the AR sector, though the community may be small right now, we need to consider that different people have different responses to AR effects, how can we work as a community to make everyone's first AR experience a positive one. We have put together a few tips that can be used as a guideline, to reduce some of the common challenges, and frustrations with AR experiences: