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the power of ar filters

#arfilters #augmentedreality #ardesign

In our new world of Creativity, how will you to choose to move forward.

Augmented reality places a new power in the hand of creators, when you take the capabilities of AR and combine it with social media and its growing audience, the possibilities of what you can create expand drastically. This is why Guanxi Design House, for the past year have prioritised creating in this format producing tailored designs to help business growth and their audiences interact.

From our experience we have gained a lot of knowledge into what makes AR effective amongst the social media community. If your interested in starting your creative journey in the immersive world, we have gathered 4 key steps to consider:

  • Create Gifts not Ads

When creating any branded content it is essential, that your effect creates value to its audience. Imagine the feeling of being consumed into a new world, it needs to be made to excite which can push people to share a picture of themselves in their new immersive world.