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Using video to remotely train your team #videotraining

There has never been a more essential time to keep your team together working in cohesion, An unlikely surprise and sudden struggle, COVID-19 has caused an unexpected shift on work force overall. We are soon to look back on this information as dated, however there is silver lining to our current grey clouds. As we don't know how long the COVID-19 crisis may last, we've complied a piece of value, to keep in consideration currently and once we are through all the chaos.

Looking back along a timeline employee training always had the notion of heavy data, long presentations which several slide explaining the same concept. Not surprisingly this fails to produce genuine team motivation.

Moving along the timeline to now we can enjoy audio and visual experiences to engage teams. Which luckily is a great improvement, one that should be taken advantage of during these times.

It has been scientifically proven that employees retain 75% more information through video in contrast to still images and text.