AR Branding & Marketing


Turn any surface into your branded content. Our AR services push brand marketing to new heights helping you to engage millions. 

GXI360 Augmented Reality puts your audience in focus, interactive marketing that enables you to showcase your brand, products and services in unique ways. Our development services enable you to create AR campaigns within 3-5 weeks. Meaning you can slice through the noise and make impact effectively.

We develop AR as applications, branded filters or AR ads:
• Google Play Store
• Apple Store
• IOS and Android Devices
• Instagram/Facebook
• Snapchat


• Increase CTR
• Boost sales and conversion rates
• Easily modified and updated
• Increase consumer retention (time in lens)

AR ads
Spark AR design
Augmented Reality Branding

GXI360 Virtual Tours are captured with the highest 360 cameras
available in the current market. Producing 8K quality for the cleanest,
and most immersive quality. With the power of Virtual Tours you can
now invite guests worldwide. Ideal for developers who want to secure sales before and after completion. We develop with your users in mind providing transparency helps with making 'good' decisions faster.

We develop 360 tours for:
• Google Business
• Website Embedding
• Architectural Visualisations
• Accessible via VR headsets, mobiles and tablets


• Boost GMB listings
• Shorten sale cycles
• Direction communication integrations
• Transparency 
• Ease of use


360° Interactive

Ideal for all sectors, GXI interactive tours are integrated with functions that make engagement user friendly.

KO combat Virtual Tour
KO combat 360 Tour
KO Combat VR tour
Cage Barbers
Cage barbers 360

360° Interactive


Empower and develop staff. Increase productivity, Whilst saving costs. With GXI360° VR training programmes you will receive
the tools to increase staff awareness and motivation.


GXI360 Virtual Training for education and development, empowers leaders to steer teams in the right direction. With VR developed training you can now dive deep to resolve specific
issues at work. Track development more efficiently with the ability
to monitor decision making by staff or students.

VR training programmes can be easily changed and updated, when needed to resolve new problems that arise. Saving you time, money
and resources. Whether you need to teach new industry standards,
or a new school curriculum VR gives you the freedom to shape the future and culture of your team. With studies illustrating an increase
in memory recall VR training gives your team the best advantage for growth and personal development.

Our Virtual Reality Training:
• VR headsets / Mobile / Tablets
• Integrated with existing LMS
• Easily distributed globally
• Easily modified and updated


Existing LMS integration
• Have a programme ready within 4-6 weeks
• Concise reporting and Analytics
• Create your own reward structure
• On hand advice and designated account manager.

VR training
360 training
vr customer service training
360 VR training
VR 360 training

360° VR Campaigns


Create open days, and interactive tours that enable you to invite your audience,
from anywhere in the world.



360° VR Campaigns

Perfect for creating unforgettable experiences, to retain attention for longer periods. Invite people into your world.

GXI360 Virtual Reality experiences allow you to invite people into your world. Changing the way we interact with brands products and services. With full immersion our VR experiences create unmatched
feelings and memorable moments for a lifetime. Transport viewers to new places unventured. Allow people to interact, understand and learn. Capturing 360 film in 8K 3D equips you with the highest quality experience. Prioritising your audience with fully comfortable

Our Virtual Experiences:
• VR headsets / Mobile / Tablets
• Oculus Media / YouTube / Facebook
• Develop your own environment
• 8K 360 3D Virtual Reality
• Livestreaming 


Increase customer loyalty & retention
• Allow people to 'be there'
• Easily monetise events and entertainment
• Developed for Oculus Media
• Branded 

Piccadiliy 360 VR
Westminster 360 experience
VR 360 Education
Tower Bridge 360 experience

Film & Animation


Create the assets to execute your marketing strategy to perfection. Commercial advertising, 3d animation and modelling social media ads and more..

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immersive industry news.